Focus on your focal point

Landscaping your garden can become an expensive endeavor, however, it does not have to be.

Most successful gardens are created with the help of a landscaper. They incorporate a design to best suit your ideas and that will compliment your property. Choosing the right plants is a key role in how well your garden will do in the future, and this is why we hire professionals to assist. It can become costly and many people don’t necessarily have a budget to spend on landscaping their gardens or hiring a professional to do it.

This shouldn’t stop you from landscaping, and here at Nicolas Plants, we are always happy to assist where we can. Need some ideas or information? Send us a WhatsApp, we will assist you the best we can.

In this article, we will be discussing focal points and their role in the garden. Focal points are a landscaper’s best friend, they are a plant, container, or object, that draws your attention in a busy layout or into a layout with many layers and dimensions. It helps to smooth out a garden design, to make it more appealing, or simply to distract you from another viewpoint that may not be as attractive.

Strategically placed focal points will help you to view the garden with more ease and bring things in the garden to your attention. To start with an idea of a focal point or a new garden design, take a look at your garden from a view that includes buildings, and take note of the garden shape and what type of plants are already in the garden. Do you want a formal design, or a more natural wild look to the garden, where would you place your focal point and what will your focal point be. All these questions are key to how your layout will work. Choosing your focal point first and working out the rest of the layout from there, will help you decide on the best-suited design and plants to use for your garden.

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