Food for Thought

Have you ever thought of this idea, a well looked after garden, means you have spent time in your garden and therefore you are getting more oxygen and more physically active, than what you would get if you sat in front of a television.

Murphy says “if you want to be healthy, connect with nature.” It is simple and easy to create a garden and for many of us, it works out to be a more cost-effective psychologist. Horticultural therapy has shown a positive effect on patients using this method for physical and mental challenges they may face, as well as those just simply looking to understand or be one with themselves.

With the technological advances of today, we are so influenced and reliant on it that we sometimes forget and miss out on one of the most beneficial opportunities we have to be creative and to improve our wellbeing. Plants and gardens are more forgiving, more enduring and take us on a path of pure knowledge and creativity, and to lose that creativity, ignited in us by nature, in this forever changing world would be devastating.

The change starts with you, because anyone can create a garden, anyone can be creative, anyone can be teachable and anyone can be happy. Plant that happiness, take care of it and see how it grows.