Horticultural Therapy

Conventional therapy has been one of the more significant ways used by individuals to deal with emotional traumas, addiction, and physical impairments.

There are more therapeutical options available now in the present days that steer away from the more well-known conventional ways. Horticultural therapy has shown that working in a garden and handling plants has had positive effects on issues and traumas that an individual may be dealing with.

Horticultural therapy is now seen as a respected professional practice that can help the same groups that conventional therapy would deal with. Children, the elderly, and those dealing with addiction, trauma, and mental health problems have all seen great improvements from this form of therapy.

Studies have shown that interacting with nature, in forms of walking through a garden, park, or just simply spending time in the wilderness, can improve your state of mind, as well as your physical health, such as stress levels, heart rate, and even your blood pressure.

Horticultural therapy has shown a significant increase in the improvement of mental well-being and recovery, leading to shorter stays in health facilities and rehabilitation centres. Studies have also shown that individuals with advanced dementia, showed improvements in short-term memory retention after a therapy session.

Along with the improvements in mental health, the therapy has helped to improve physical health, such as hand-eye coordination and finger flexion, which degrades with age and less physical activity. Even those individuals in wheelchairs are able to access this therapy thanks to container and box gardening, which brings the plants and soil to a level that they need and makes it more accessible.

What makes this therapy so unique is the sensory stimulation provided by the plants and gardening. From the wind brushing through the leaves, the sound of water running from a water feature to the texture of the soil in one’s hands.

Patients feel rewarded by this therapy, as seeds grow and as plants produce new leaves, fruit, and flowers. It is a bond that humans and plants have had since the beginning of time, that is now showing the benefits it can provide to both the individual and the plant. It is this therapy that brings us back to our true consciousness and our true roots.

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