Pavers are there when outdoor flooring is required and comes in a variety of material, such as stone, tile, brick and concrete.

Pavers are used to create paths, patios and driveways and work to compliment the architecture of a house and garden, as well as add value to your property. Hardscaping in a garden brings a long the design of geometry in the garden and formality where needed, as well as functional uses.

Concrete pavers are the most versatile and look good with almost any style. Concrete pavers are created when the cement is shaped into a mold, giving you the choice of size and design. However pavers are only as strong as the concrete mix that they are made of.

At Nicolas Plants, our pavers are made on site to reduce cost and wastage, and are made from Surebuild cement and chrome sand to give it that extra strength, making it less likely to crack.


  • pavers are less susceptible to cracking from tree roots and shifting soil
  • eliminates run off from forming pools of water, as water drains through between the paver blocks
  • a lot more visually pleasing
  • less susceptible to cracking from fluctuating temperatures

There are creative and unconventional ways of using pavers as well:

  • building a raised garden bed
  • creating table tops for outdoor seating and kitchen areas
  • Fire pit area or a cozy hangout spot
  • water features
  • around the pool side
  • outdoor shower

Pavers don’t need to have a practical function in the garden as they can be used for the visual appeal and aesthetic look. 

Here is an example of pavers being used with gabion baskets to create a firepit and seating area.

Here a gabion basket and a paver have been used to create an outdoor table. In the background, a display stand is made out of a gabion basket and paver.

A pathway created using pavers of different sizes.



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