It only takes one pebble to start an avalanche

Pebbles are smooth rounded stones that have been shaped and worn by the movement of water.
They can be found along rivers, lakes, and in some places, even on the beach. What sets them apart from gravel and dump rock, is their distinctive geological formation and appearance, making them a sought-after material for landscapers and gardeners alike.

  • pebbles can be found in a variety of shapes and colours.
  • they are used both indoors and outdoors.
  • can be used in both landscaping and construction, to make walkways, driveways, and be placed around a pool.
  • used especially as a decorative element in planting containers and garden beds
  • used in creating water-wise gardens¬†
  • french drains
  • aquascaping
  • zen gardens
  • ground cover
  • pot plants

Here we have created a water feature using a gabion cage and pebbles.


The gabion basket gives you a clear view of the water running down the pebbles. This is great for a cost-effective way of creating a water feature.

The use of pebbles are endless. They look pleasant and add a wide range of natural colours to the garden.

Pebbles are durable and will tolerate most weather conditions, which makes them a long-term investment in your garden.


Let's go!

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