Acer buergerianum

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer buergerianum
PLANT CARE: Deciduous, Half Sun, Frost Hardy, Non-Indigenous
SIZE: 6 – 10 m * 6 – 8 m
COMMON NAME(S): Chinese Maple
FOLIAGE: Leaves turn orange to red in late Autumn and early Winter.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: The Chinese maple tree can be used as a background tree in a mixed border, or as a shade tree. It does not have a vigorous root system, so many shade-loving plants can be grown beneath its canopy.
Small gardens
SOIL CONDITIONS: Well-drained, Fertile, Moist
INTERESTING PLANTING IDEAS: Ideal in a small garden or large containers. Also popular for bonsai work.
PROPAGATION: Propagate by grafting in late Winter or budding in late Summer.