Buxus sempervirens (Boxwood)

BOTANICAL NAME: Buxus sempervirens
PLANT CARE: Evergreen, Full Sun, Shade, Low Watering
SIZE: 1 to 9m tall and up to 3m wide.
CATEGORIES: Shrubs and Perennials
FLOWERS: Description – Flowers are small, in axillary clusters on short, branched stalks, greenish with prominent yellow anthers. They flower in late winter and spring, in August and September.
COMMON NAME(S): Box, Common box, American Boxwood
ORIGIN: Native to western and southern Europe
FOLIAGE: Evergreen with small leaves which are a rich green colour.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Specimen/accent, hedge, mass, formal gardens, topiary, foundations, and bonsais.
MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance, with an occasional trim.
SOIL CONDITIONS: Well drained, slightly acidic to very limey soil does best.

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