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Carpobrotus edulis ‘Sour Fig’

BOTANICAL NAME: Carpobrotus edulis
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Semi Frost Hardy, Low Watering, Indigenous
SIZE: 0.15 m * Natural
CATEGORIES: Aloes and Succulents Ground Covers and Perennials
FLOWERS: It bears yellow flowers that turn pink with age.
COMMON NAME(S): Hottentot fig, sour fig
ORIGIN: Indigenous to South Africa
FOLIAGE: A robust succulent plant with long, trailing stems (up to 2m) and fleshy, three-sided leaves.
MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance and needs very little water.
FRUIT: The Hottentot fig has edible fruits.
SOIL CONDITIONS: All species are excellent on embankments and can tolerate poor soil, even sandy coastal dunes.
USES: The fruit can be eaten fresh or made into a jam.
Medicinal – The juice from the leaves helps soothe mouth infections, sore throats, indigestion and can be applied to the skin to help soothe ringworm, infantile eczema, and sunburn.
INTERESTING PLANTING IDEAS: All species are excellent on embankments.
PROPAGATION: Propagate by runners or a piece of stem. Plant directly 700 mm – 1 m apart and keep wet for a few days.

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