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Croton (Crocodile Fern)

BOTANICAL NAME: Codiaeum variegatum
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Half Sun, Frost Sensitive, Moderate Watering, Pruning Required, Non-Indigenous
SIZE: 2 m * 2 m
CATEGORIES: Shrubs and Perennials
ORIGIN: Malaysia, Pacific Islands.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: This plant is an ideal foliage plant for warm climates. Excellent for colour-contrast planting in a border or as a container plant on the patio. Popular for flower arranging.
PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Planting: It prefers well-drained soil rich in organic material. Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two-thirds of the topsoil with one-third compost in the bottom of the hole, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well.
Watering and feeding: Water and feed regularly. Keep plants well mulched.
Pruning: Tolerates heavy pruning. Cut back during late winter to promote low, bushy growth.
MAINTENANCE: Tolerates heavy pruning.
INTERESTING INFO: Note that the sap can stain clothing permanently, so take care when pruning or cutting this plant.
POSSIBLE PROBLEMS: As it is tender, it is not ideal for cold climates. Take care when pruning or cutting this plant as the sap can stain clothing permanently.

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