Davallia fern

BOTANICAL NAME: Davallia pyxidata
PLANT CARE: Half Sun, Semi Frost Hardy, High Watering, Non Indigenous
CATEGORIES: Ground Covers and Perennials Indoor Plants
COMMON NAME(S): Hare’s foot fern
ORIGIN: Australia.
FOLIAGE: It bears attractive, feathery, dark green leaves.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: An ideal species for growing in hanging baskets.
PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the basket with a mixture of compost and acid compost and keep the coir moist.
MAINTENANCE: Mist spray the fronds with water in hot and dry weather.
SOIL CONDITIONS: Grows in a mixture of compost and acid compost.
INTERESTING PLANTING IDEAS: Tuck several plants into the perimeter of a coir-lined basket to form a round ball of feathery fronds.
PROPAGATION: Spores: Propagate by means of spores

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