Dicksonia – 15L

BOTANICAL NAME:  Dicksonia antarctica
PLANT CARE: Half Sun, Shade, Semi Frost Hardy, High Watering, Non-Indigenous
SIZE: 10m * 6m
COMMON NAME(S): Tasmanian tree fern, Soft tree fern, Australian tree fern
ORIGIN: Australia Tasmania
FOLIAGE: This tree fern has large glossy-green leathery fronds.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: A stunning architectural plant, valued for its dramatic form. This plant is great when planted with smaller ferns. Good specimen plants for any cool glasshouse or conservatory, or outdoors in protected areas such as a mixed woodland garden or even a large patio pot.
PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Plant in partial to full shade.
MAINTENANCE: Keep plants moist, water daily during the hotter periods.
SOIL CONDITIONS: Humus-rich, neutral to acid soil.
BARK: The trunk is covered with fibrous roots.