Euryops pectinatus

BOTANICAL NAME: Euryops pectinatus
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Frost Hardy, Moderate Watering, Low Maintenance, Indigenous
SIZE: 1.2 m * 1.5 m
CATEGORIES: Shrubs and Perennials
FLOWERS: August September October Yellow-coloured daisy-like flowers are produced almost all year round and look their best in full sun conditions during spring.
COMMON NAME(S): Resin Bush/Golden Daisy
ORIGIN: Southern Africa
FOLIAGE: The leaves of this plant are soft, greyish green, deeply cut, and almost fern-like in appearance.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: A well-known plant for mass planting, borders, and rock gardening.
SOIL CONDITIONS: Tolerates most well-drained soils but prefers more fertile soil with a PH of around 6 to 8.
WILDLIFE ATTRACTIONS: This evergreen shrub attracts various insects, butterflies, bees, and insect-eating birds.

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