Philodendron ‘Havana’

BOTANICAL NAME: Philodendron havana
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Half Sun, Shade, Semi Frost Hardy, Moderate Watering, Low Maintenance, Non-Indigenous
SIZE: 2 m * 2 m
CATEGORIES: Shrubs and Perennials
COMMON NAME(S): Philodendron havana
ORIGIN: Brazil
FOLIAGE: Philodendron havana has glossy, deeply divided, dark green leaves, segments of which are narrow and toothed. The broad leaves, on long, slender stems, are extremely elegant.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Can be used as a solitary specimen.
Use Philodendron on patios.
USES: Use Philodendron in a spacious container, in lobbies.
INTERESTING INFO: Tolerates frost to -3°C

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