Plectranthus neochilus

BOTANICAL NAME: Plectranthus neochilus
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Half Sun, Semi Frost Hardy, Moderate Watering, Pruning Required, Indigenous
SIZE: 45 cm * 60 cm
CATEGORIES: Shrubs and Perennials
FLOWERS: January, February, March, April, August, September, October, November, December

This plant bears small spur purple-blue coloured flowers from Spring through Summer until the end of Autumn.
COMMON NAME(S): Fly bush, Lobster flower, Skunk leaf
ORIGIN: Southern Africa
FOLIAGE: This plant has rounded, slightly scalloped gray-green, fragrant foliage.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Use in landscaping as a border, filler, edging, ground cover, and mass planting.
Coastal Mediterranean Indigenous gardening (South Africa)
PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Plant in full sun or partial shade.
MAINTENANCE: It has medium water needs. Prune this plant hard after flowering.
SOIL CONDITIONS: Sandy Loam Well drained
WILDLIFE ATTRACTIONS: bees butterflies insects
INTERESTING INFO: This plant is believed to scare snakes away from human dwellings due to fragrant foliage.

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