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Sedum makinoi ‘Tundra Tornado’

BOTANICAL NAME: Sedum makinoi
PLANT CARE: Full Sun, Frost Hardy, Low Watering, Low Maintenance, Indigenous
SIZE: 10 cm * 30 – 60 cm
CATEGORIES: Aloes and Succulents Ground Covers and Perennials
FLOWERS: This plant produces flat-headed sprays of yellow, star-like flowers.
COMMON NAME(S): Stonecrop
ORIGIN: Eurasia, Africa
FOLIAGE: This is a succulent-like plant and it forms a pale green mat.
USES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Ideal for planting between stepping stones or for a gravel garden.
MAINTENANCE: This succulent-like plant is a low-maintenance plant.
SOIL CONDITIONS: This plant grows well in poor soils, sand, and rich garden soil

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