The Importance of Knowing How To Care For Your Garden

Believe it or not, but gardens can not look after themselves fully. To have a healthy and beautiful garden requires attention on the daily and weekly. Healthy gardens look better and reduce the cost of having to replace plants if existing plants die.

Caring for your garden may seem like a daunting task but with the correct information and knowledge, this will become an enjoyable task for anyone.

Know your environmental conditions and whether your plants are suited for their environment.

  • Is your area prone to frost?
  • How much sunlight does your garden receive? 
  • How often does your garden need watering? 

When should you prune? Spring-flowering plants such as roses should be pruned after the blooms fade. Pruning plants in autumn or winter will remove the spring flower buds.

Feeding and Fertilizing the right way.

  • When using compost, ensure that you only use a manure compost that has cured for at least six months, as fresh manure contains a very high level of nitrogen that will burn plants.
  • Avoid using manure from pigs, dogs, or cats, as they may contain parasites that can infect humans.
  • Feeding with fertilizer should be done on a regular. It may seem expensive to feed with fertilizer, however using a quality fertilizer will mean fewer feedings and a better result as well. Saving you money in the long run. 

Controlling Weed Growth

  • The best ways of controlling weeds are hand-weeding and soil turning. Deep soil turning or hoeing may bring weed seeds to the surface and should be avoided. 
  • Weed often so that weed plants don’t go to seed.
  • Using mulch will prevent annual weeds and smother out weeds as well.

Water wisely 

  • Deep watering is better than short intervals of regular watering, as the water has more time to saturate the soil, encouraging roots to go deeper into the soil and lessens the amount of water lost to evaporation and runoff.

Lawn Care 

  • Mowing the lawn may seem like a tedious task but it paves the way to either success or failure in lawn care
  • Cutting grass on the regular is recommended, to encourage thicker more lush grass.
  • Cutting grass regularly will help improve drought tolerance and keeps weeds at bay.
  • Always ensure that your lawnmower blades are sharp, to cut the grass blades cleaning instead of hacking away at your lawn.

These simple tips will help you better your gardening skills and help improve your garden’s overall health. Knowledge is power and the more you know about your garden the more rewarding it will be.

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